Ernst Blissenbach GmbH has always been synonymous with top quality ID scarfing systems. Now our productline has been expanded to include high quality carbide metal cutting rings. This addition enables us better than ever to keep pace with increasingly stringent tube industry requirements for precise, trouble free ID scarfing.

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The new Ernst Blissenbach cutting rings are made of extremely tough, wear resistant carbide metal. In addition, these cutting rings feature a 100 % ground surface and an extremely heat resistant CVD coating. The winning combination of material, cutting edge geometry and optimum cutting edge quality delivers superior surface quality and service life. The result: reduced down time. Blissenbach also offers intermediate sizes to ensure a perfect match to your inside tube diameter. For you, this translates into superior deburring quality of your tube production.

Blissenbach Advantages:

  • Up to 200 % longer tool life
  • Extremely heat resistant CVD coating
  • Highest quality cutting edge
  • Intermediate sizes are available for the optimum adaption to any tube inside diameter
  • Optimum cutting edge geometry