The couplings on either end of the impeder are designed to permit the various media lines to be tightly closed to the outside while being screwed into place. The coupling on the rod end can be opened to permit replacement of the ferrite.

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We have used our years of experience and knowledge in designing the patented impeders without tension bar to improve the design and performance of our latest range of tow bar impeders, this is based around the proven performance advantages that they offer: maximum ferrite volume combined with painstakingly selected materials and components. While this combination provides maximum efficiency, the resultant ease of maintenance also ensures longer service life. The impeder is tapered in the welding area to minimize the buildup of welding slag. In addition, both the tow bar and the impeder casing are subjected to a powerful emulsion jet that completely prevents the slightest material accumulation. It goes without saying that the emulsion jet orifice is specifically designed and manufactured to prevent water from splashing into the weld.

All impeders can of course be offered as return flow systems.

  • Maximum ferrite component within impeder cross-section to enhance weld performance and improve weld quality
  • Replaceable ferrite core
  • Carefully selected materials used in the welding area protect the impeder from dripping material
  • A powerful emulsion jet in the welding area flushes the tow bar which is tapered toward the front to prevent material buildup
  • Rigid coupling connection (releasable) provides accurate tool guidance and cooling
  • Media lines needed for hydraulic ID scarfers routed through inside of impeder
  • Impeder casings incl. SAFE-COAT