03/2023 | Source: DDW

Innovator of the Year 2023
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH nominated for the biggest audience award of the German economy.

10/2022 | Source: RGA

"In the Midst of Life" A Biography in Celebration of a Corporate Anniversary
Professor Dr. Horst Wessel presents the remarkable life story of the founder of the company on the occasion of the 25-year anniversary of Ernst Blissenbach GmbH.

09/2022 | Source: Bergische Wirtschaft

Presentation of the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH in the Official Publication of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK)
Report on the Career of Company Founder Ernst Blissenbach as an Entrepreneur as well as the Development of His Tools and the Associated Founding of a New Company.

03/2022 | Source: RGA

Award collector celebrates milestone birthday
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH from Remscheid is 25 years old.

08/2021 | Source: RGA

Contributing to the Relightening of the "Blue Moon"
The Blissenbach family's significant contribution provided a considerable boost to the fundraising for the restoration of the industrial monument.

06/2020 | Source: RGA

Remscheid Placed Twice in the Top Ten
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is one of the two companies which received the coveted seal awarded to the most innovative SMEs – an honor bestowed on them for the fourth time already.

12/2019 | Source: RGA

Sponsor of the Mannesmann Obelisk
Ernst Blissenbach Sponsers the Maintenance and Preservation of the Monument at Remscheid Cemetery.

June 2020 | Source: Compamedia

Ernst Blissenbach Was Crowned Innovation Champion
Letting go of the old and trying new ways: As an innovative SME you cannot be afraid of change — you have to embrace it.

October 2018 | Source: TZ

This entrepreneur grants his employees special paid leave in honor of Uli Hoeneß
Blissenbach is undoubtedly one of the biggest fans of soccer club FC Bayern Munich.

October 2018 | Source: RGA Bergische Wirtschaft

Blissenbach Makes a Donation — And Praises Uli Hoeneß
FC-Bayern-Hilfe sponsors social projects which Ernst Blissenbach supports with a noteworthy donation.

October 2018 | Source: Tribuna – Bayern live

Uli Hoeneß Special Leave Day: The Unusual Step Taken By Entrepreneur Blissenbach
In recognition of Uli Hoeneß`s exemplary commitment — especially in the social sector.

October 2018 | Source: Merkur.de

Special Leave in Honor of Uli Hoeneß
For as long as the current president is in office, every Blissenbach employee will have one “Paid Special Day of Uli Hoeneß Leave” per year.

July 2018 | Source: Die Wirtschaft

TOP 100: Ernst Blissenbach ranks among the 3rd Time to the Innovative Elite
Mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honours Ernst Blissenbach as TOP 100-Innovator 2018

July 2018 | Source: Pressebox

TOP 100: Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is among the Leading Innovators of 2018
For Ernst Blissenbach GmbH it is already the third time that they have made it into this elite group of innovators.

May 2018 | Source: Die Wirtschaft

Interview with Ernst Blissenbach
A very good example of the generation Free Ager

July 2017 | Source: Huber Verlag

“Best of 2017” For the Third Time
Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH again recognizes Ernst Blissenbach GmbH.

June 2017 | Source: Remscheider General-Anzeiger

Ernst Blissenbach Receives TOP 100 Award For the Second Time
Blissenbach is part of the innovation elite of German KMU and impresses the Vienna University of Economics and Business with its Top Management and its climate of innovation.

May 2017 | Source: RGA Bergische Wirtschaft

Products In Demand Worldwide
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH manufactures specialty tools in Remscheid with great success.

November 2016 | Source: TZ

Blissenbach Plans to Delight a Great Many People When Uli Hoeneß Gets Elected
They have a heart for the needy: Just like Uli Hoeneß, Ernst Blissenbach is happy to donate part of his income.

November 2016 | Source: TZ

Ernst Blissenbach Grants One Day of Special Leave and Celebrates the Election of Uli Hoeneß
Ernst Blissenbach is not just the successful director of a company and the world`s leading manufacturer of highly efficient high-end systems for ID scarfing of HF-longitudinally welded precision tubes, but also an ardent fan of Uli Hoeneß.

November 2016 | Source: Remscheider General-Anzeiger

Ernst Blissenbach Company Receives Innovation Award
This afternoon the Remscheid-based Ernst Blissenbach Company received the ‟Reinhard and Max Mannesmann Innovation Award 2016” at the German Tool Museum located in Cleffstraße in Remscheid-Hasten.

February 2016 | Source: Remscheider General-Anzeiger

Blissenbach Celebrates the Release of Uli Hoeneß — Entrepreneur Throws a Party in Honor of the Former President of Bayern München
Remscheid – The small company, located in the Jägerwald industrial park in Remscheid, has 15 employees. It was founded by Ernst Blissenbach and is the worldwide leading manufacturer of ID scarfing systems …

February 2016 | Source: TZ

Hoeneß Celebration in Remscheid: Quite a “Crazy Initiative”
Remscheid — Uli Hoeneß's release from prison will be celebrated in a very special way in Westphalia. The party thrown by a Remscheid entrepreneur will be attended by a surprise guest.

Februrary 2016 | Source: Die Welt

He is Back
On Monday Uli Hoeneß will be released from prison. Even his enemies will most likely have missed him. In spite of all the pain, incarceration is likely to have also had a soul purifying effect on the tax evader.

February 2016 | Source: Merkur

Hoeneß Celebration in Remscheid: Quite a “Crazy Initiative”
Remscheid — Uli Hoeneß's release from prison will be celebrated in a very special way in Westphalia. The party thrown by a Remscheid entrepreneur will be attended by a surprise guest.

February 2016 | Source: RP Online

Entrepreneur Throws Party in Celebration of the Release From Prison of Uli Hoeneß
Remscheid. Ernst Blissenbach is a huge fan of FC Bayern. This Friday the workday of the 15 employees of the Lennep-based Ernst Blissenbach company will end early at 11.30.

February 2016 | Source: TZ

Hoeneß Release From Prison: HE Celebrates With His Employees Instead of Working
Remscheid — The Day has finally come. Uli Hoeneß will officially be released from prison on February 29th. For the Remscheid entrepreneur this is cause for celebration.

July 2015 | Source: RP Online

A 15-Year-Lead Through New Ideas
Remscheid. At the German SME Summit (Deutscher Mittelstands-Summit) in Essen the Ernst Blissenbach GmbG was recognized as one of the most innovative German small and medium sized-enterprises.

July 2015 | Source: Business-on

Award-winning Innovation: Ernst Blissenbach
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is one of Germany`s most innovative SMEs – presentation of award by Ranga Yogeshwar.

June 2015 | Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Blissenbach GmbH Convinces With Weld Scarfer
The Remscheid-based manufacturer of systems for inside tube scarfing Ernst Blissenbach GmbH was awarded the Top 100 seal at the German SME Summit in Essen.

January 2015 | Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Blissenbach Strengthens the Business Location
Remscheid. The Remscheid-based Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is sending a clear signal for the New Year. With the expansion of its machinery the world market leader for inside tube scarfing systems continues to further increase the production depth and the flexibility of its company as well as its production quality.

October 2014

Ernst Blissenbach Increases Production Depth with Superior “made in Germany” Concept
With the expansion of its machinery pool the Remscheid-based global leader in the production of inside tube scarfing systems the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH increased the company`s production depth.

April 2014 | Source: Messekurier

Blissenbach Meets Big International Companies
How important is a technological lead in inside tube scarfing to the average consumer?

March 2012 | Source: Pressebox

B8 Summit At The TUBE 2012
World market leader for ID scarfing systems Ernst Blissenbach invites participants to the 8th eb Summit Meeting at the TUBE in Düsseldorf — Hall 6 Booth G 01 — taking place from March 26 through 30 under the title “More Visions For The Future”.

March 2012 | Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Blissenbach Is Always Striving To Improve Systems
Remscheid. The Remscheid native Ernst Blissenbach is principal of the company, source of ideas, developer and sometimes even installer on his own behalf. And his small company is world market and technology leader in the area of complete systems for the highly specialized field of inside tube scarfing.

May 2011 | Source: Bergische Morgenpost

Successful With a Plane
The Remscheid company Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is considered the world market leader in its vertical: They deburr tubes. Recently the company was awarded the “Industry Award 2011” for one of their innovations.

May 2011 | Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Industry Award: Blissenbach Among the Top Ten
A Remscheid Company has made it into the Top-Ten: A jury of technical experts put Ernst Blissenbach GmbH in the group of Top Ten in the Production Technology category.

January 2011

The Seal of Approval IP 2011: Honoring the Best.
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH Among the Top Ten.

May 2010

Focus on Innovation.
World market leader Ernst Blissenbach GmbH has once again provided important momentum to the tube processing industry this year.

April 2010 | Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger – Rubrik: Wirtschaft

“I spy something . . .“
Discover now: ID scarfing tools equipped with cutting ring cooling starting from tube ID of 15 mm (0.591“) made by Ernst Blissenbach GmbH – the world leader in high quality ID scarfing systems.

April 2010

BLISSart – Brand New from the Lord of the Rings
For the first time ever – Ernst Blissenbach GmbH present their latest innovation at the Tube 2010: The integrated seam monitoring device for use in inside tube scarfing systems.

April 2010 | Source: Website Tube 2010

What do Inside Tube Scarfing Systems for Tomorrow Look Like Today?
The high-performance tools of Blissenbach GmbH capture today the innovations which noticibly optimize inside tube scarfing processes.

March 2010 | Source: Tube & Pipe Technology

Reaching the Top.
Only the best will make history. And this ist exactly what the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH has been doing from its inception.

April 2008

International Interest at the Tube 2008 in Düsseldorf.
Everyone came, saw, experienced – and was amazed!

September 1999 | Source: Welding, Tube international

Inside tube scarfing and high-frequency longitudinally welded tubing
High frequency, longitudinally welded tubes have been used throughout a wide variety of engineering fields since the sixties.