The new impeder SAFE COAT system ensures that the crucial part of the impeder (the epoxy glass impeder casing), is better protected against the heat and hot spatter from the weld zone. Due to the growing demand of return flow impeder systems (which are mainly used for small tubes or high carbon materials), it was important to look into a solution which increases the life time of the impeder casing. The objective being to make it resistant to the molten particles that cannot be flushed away, a problem that is not encountered when using through flow impeders.

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This has been achieved by applying a special coating to the surface of the casing and since its introduction our customers have reported reduced downtime by an average of around 30 %. The new safe coat impeders are available for all sizes as well as for through flow or return flow systems. Blissenbach is also able to offer an entire return flow system without any cooling inside the tube. In addition, recirculation inside the ID scarfer mandrel itself makes sure that the tool body does not get overheated.