Through the open seam tube, the tube penetration connects the suspension to the bar with coupled impeder and ID scarfer. The suspension and bar with attached impeder, as well as the tool, are all connected to the tube penetration through the open seam tube. Carbide metal plates in the tube penetration prevent the strip edges of the open seam tube from damaging the fin of the tube penetration assembly.

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The fin design allows insertion of the system into narrow tube gaps. This reduces the distance between suspension and deburring point to an absolut minimum. Our focus for this design is to meet requirements for maximum overall system stability.

The hook coupling of the tube penetration permits accurate attachment by hooking over the swiveling segment of the suspension. A head cap screw is used to attach the tube penetration securely to the swiveling segment of the suspension. The large ‘load bearing’ surface between the swiveling segment on the suspension unit and the tube penetration assembly ensures that the impeder and ID scarfer is always parallel to the tube centerline.