The integrated notching wheel which previously had only been available in our hydraulic ID scarfers is now available in the newest generation of mechanical ID scarfing tools. We used our experience gained on the hydraulic tools to integrate the design into our mechanical notching scarfers. The tool features double lifting levers that can be adjusted separately from each other to ensure an optimum lifting pressure adjustment according to the requirements. In line with our long standing design principles we strive to make our scarfing tool length as short as possible thus ensuring maximum rigidity and performance.

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  • Available from tube inside diameter 17 mm
  • Adjustable notching wheel starting with model KF 032 048 – 10.000 (diam. = 32 - 48 mm)
  • 2 separately adjustable lifting lever
  • Cutting ring cooling
  • Continuous fine adjustment of cutting ring height from outside through open seam tube
  • Copy rollers and pressure rollers specifically cooled and lubricated by mill coolant
  • Lateral wear protection ring in the vicinity of copy rollers (notching rollers) and pressure rollers ensures maximum service life of tool base body