One of the most difficult processes associated with continuous production of HF longitudinally welded tubes is removal of the internal weld bead. Limited space, lack of access to the tool, severe internal soiling, and the hot welding flash itself, combine to complicate the use of inside tube scarfing systems. Increasingly stringent tube industry requirements for clean, accurately shaped cost-effective welding flash removal dictate the design standards for our high precision tools. Individual welding system differences necessitate customization of our ID scarfing solutions to your local installation. For this reason, close interaction with you – throughout development, commissioning and ultimate application – is particularly important to us.

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Blissenbach Advantages:

  • Maximum system stability achieved by close spacing of mount and deburring point-operation at the last blade rack
  • Increased welding performance and improved weld quality achieved by patented impeder
  • Maximum sized ferrite component inside the impeder cross-section achieved by load-bearing guard tube design
  • Maximum surface quality achieved by constant mechanical or hydraulic pressure from cutting ring
  • Chip depth correction achieved by continuous adjustment of the cutting ring within the welding line
  • Easy access to permit speedy cutting ring replacement with production tube open
  • Reliable tool guidance achieved by a rigid coupling joint
  • Cutting ring cooling
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