Tow bar impeders for mechanical ID scarfer are especially effective when applied to tubes with high diameter-to-wall thickness ratios. This is also true for internal deburring of high-strength materials. Beside these features, the tow bar impeder also serves as the basis for our return flow impeders. These impeders are used for applications where the inside of the tube needs to be kept dry. Good examples are high-tensile materials, where emulsion in the weld area can cause material hardening or tube mills that incorporate inline stretch reducing. Cutting ring cooling will be maintained.

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Using our impeders enabled a leading West German pipe manufacturer to increase output as follows:

  Conventional Impeder Blissenbach Impeder
Electric efficiency 50% 84%
Service life 20 h 2.000 h
Welding speed 70 m / min 120 m / min
Output 2.300 km / month 3.000 km / month