The mechanical ID scarfer includes a tool assembly which mounts two copy rollers on its top. The pressure needed for removing the weld bead is transferred from a leaf spring assembly to a lifting lever featuring a pressure roller. Adjustment is easy and affected through the open seam tube. A fine adjustment feature is used to provide continuous cutting ring height adjustment on the welding line through the open seam tube. Further more our cutting ring cooling features a significant increase in service life.

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Tools featuring the cutting ring cooling are now available for 15 mm tube inside diameters. Coolant lines are enclosed within the scarfer body thus preventing mechanical damage.

  • Model features a leaf spring system on a pressureroller equipped roller arm. This feature applies the amount of contact pressure necessary for removal of weld spatter accumulations, and permits working range adjustment
  • Hassle-free contact pressure adjustment from the top of the tool through the open seam tube
  • Continuous fine adjustment of cutting ring height from outside, through the open seam tube
  • Indirect roller lubrication and tool cooling provided by the emulsion present in the tube
  • A turnbuckle sleeve connects the inside tube scarfer to the impeder or extension rod
  • Cutting ring cooling is available for tools starting with model nos. F 015 018 – 10.000 to F 095 125 – 11.000. This feature significantly increases service life and is also adjustable starting with model F 038 051 – 12.000 (Designation: F 015 018 – 10.000 K => K = Cooling)