11.2016 | Source: Remscheider General-Anzeiger Ernst Blissenbach Company Receives Innovation Award

This afternoon the Remscheid-based Ernst Blissenbach Company received the ‟Reinhard and Max Mannesmann Innovation Award 2016” at the German Tool Museum located in Cleffstraße in Remscheid-Hasten. ‟The award ceremony is one of the highlights of our association work. Additionally it provides the appropriate setting”, Professor Dr. Horst A. Wessel, President of the Friends' Association Förderverein Mannesmann-Haus e.V. added, after he welcomed the owner and managing director Ernst Blissenbach as well as his family and senior employees of the company.

Mr. Blissenbach received the award for his development of a world market leading system for inside tube scarfing in the production of longitudinally welded pipes. ‟If you are now thinking: ‟Why would a Mannesmann organisation give an award to a competitor? ”, we managed to convince you today, that we enjoy a great deal of independence in our work”, Wessel said with a wink in his eyes. Today`s welded pipes are of such high quality, that it is difficult to prove the existence of a seam. Innovation is absolutely essential for survival and therefore creativity has to be nurtured and promoted. ‟If you want to secure the future, you have to invest in it”, Wessel added.

The title of his presentation was ‟The History of the Longitudinally Welded Steel Pipe and its Market Share in Comparison to the Pipe Invented in Remscheid” and highlighted the development of the various types of pipes including current electrical processes. His conclusion was: ‟The welded pipe has always given the seamless pipe a run for its money. The difference these days is so small that the price is generally the decisive factor. If this development continues the seamless pipe might disappear altogether one day”.

‟A lot of things that were conceived in Remscheid are produced somewhere else in the world” Burkhard Mast-Weisz, Lord Mayor of Remscheid proudly added and expressed the hope that Remscheid`s economy and climate of innovation would produce ‟many more young recipients of the Mannesmann award”.

According to Karl Rudolf Gerhards, Chairman of the Board of the Friends' Association, the Blissenbach company emerged victorious from a pool of 20 competitors because of their impressive development of tools for inside tube scarfing, the invention of patented monitoring systems, the ascent to technology and world market leadership, and continued development, which in this case is based on cooperation. ‟Innovation-driven performance is the engine that powers the economy and society. That is true for Mannesmann as well as the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH”.

The Recipient of the Award Delivered an Emotional Speech

The Lord Mayor presented the certificate and Wessel presented the commemorative medal to the visibly moved honoree, who thanked the jury for the award, but most of all he thanked his employees: ‟I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the employees, because their wealth of ideas is the basis for the company`s success and the numerous new products. I would not be here today without them. That is why I dedicate this award to the whole team”. Ernst Blissenbach reminisced about the 70s and his first contacts with the Mannesmann company. There were been failures and setbacks, but today world market leadership is a reality for this system. ‟We have an export rate of 80 percent”. Since today innovations are more important than ever, every employee is given his own space in his company, and that is appreciated. ‟That is certainly the case for my son and our highly qualified employees”, Ernst Blissenbach said in conclusion of his emotional speech.

In 2011 the company received the ‟Industry Award for Innovative Products” – an initiative of German Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Last year Ernst Blissenbach GmbH was awarded the Top-100-Award from the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration.

Today`s award was created in memory of the Mannesmann Group and especially the two ingenious inventors Reinhard and Max Mannesmann. The two inventors as well as the company have always stood for extensive innovative achievements. FOUNDING OF THE COMPANY More than 110 years ago the company emerged as a pipe rolling mill from a high quality file factory which had won multiple awards and had its own steel production in Remscheid. It developed into a worldwide technology corporation with headquarters in Düsseldorf.

‟So Mannesmann is where it all started. That is a consolation since we are giving this award to the killer of the seamless pipe”, Wessel joked, receiving spontaneous applause from the guests.