02.2014 Rankings For The Best of Industries Award 2013

Ernst Blissenbach GmbH has received the coveted award
“Best of IP 2013” for the second time.

The publishing house Huber Verlag für Neue Medien is handing out the INDUSTRIEPREIS for the eighth time to honor the best solutions in industry. This award is presented to the most innovative product developments and market launches by industrial companies, suppliers and service providers. All entries are evaluated by an expert panel consisting of professors, scientists, trade journalists and industry experts on the basis of established criteria like innovative strength or product benefit. Ernst Blissenbach GmbH successfully qualified again and received the coveted “Best of IP 2013” award for their welding seam monitoring.

There are many reasons for the global market leader's success. Some are based on concrete facts: Ernst Blissenbach GmbH started introducing innovations for the tube manufacturing industry more than 30 years ago. That also means: Blissenbach customers can save huge amounts on a monthly basis by adding the lastest development – welding seam monitoring - to their eb inside tube scarfing systems.

Ideas are endlessly put to the test
At Ernst Blissenbach GmbH constant development is not one goal among others, rather it is the condition for survival in a high technology field. For the manufacturer of complete inside tube scarfing systems proximity to the market is essential starting with the first step. That is also the reason why their innovation marketing is based on intensive cooperation with the customer. Management puts every idea through numerous tests before it is allowed to enter the market as yet another innovation - and so far they have been extremely successful at that.

This company based in Remscheid is an international market leader when it comes to process solutions for “inside tube scarfing systems for the removal of the internal weld in HF longitudinally welded tubes” – even if the average consumer does not really know how valuable that is for him. Even though we all encounter the indirect results of the intelligent technologies of the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH on a daily basis without being aware of it. In our cars for example, which contain up to 80 m of tubes that have undergone inside scarfing with the help of eb custom tools - a very important precondition for further processing of the tube. For us consumers - that means that we have peace of mind, which is very important to us.

Market proximity through exchange of information
In order to maintain the global leadership position and to be able to address market needs without delays the development department is located at the core of the company. Customer facing departments like Service and Support are engaged in a continuous exchange with engineering. The key benefit of this model is that any employee can provide the impetus for a new project. Consistent proximity to the market is the objective of this cooperation. That also explains why the founder and owner of the company Ernst Blissenbach alone is spending three quarters of his time on innovation every day.