01.2011 The Seal of Approval IP 2011: Honoring the Best.

Ernst Blissenbach GmbH Among the Top Ten.

In April the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien (Huber Publishing House for New Media) for the sixth time awarded the INDUSTRIEPREIS to the best industry solutions. This years' awards were presented under the auspices of the DTAD – Deutscher Auftragsdienst. Recipients were chosen for the most innovative product developments and market innovations in industrial, subcontractor and services companies. An expert group consisting of university professors, scientists, industry journalists as well as experts from different industries evaluated submissions of more than 500 nominated companies on the basis of a set of criteria like innovative content and product benefit. Ernst Blissenbach GmbH successfully qualified and placed among the top ten in the production technology category.

There are many reasons for the world market leaders` success. Some of the reasons are concrete facts: Ernst Blissenbach GmbH holds numerous international patents and started introducing innovations for the tubing industry more than three decades ago. That also means that Blissenbach customers can achieve enormous savings every month by upgrading their eb I.D.-scarfing system with the latest innovation – “Weld Monitoring”.

Ideas Undergoing Numerous Tests
At Ernst Blissenbach GmbH continuous development is not one objective among many, but rather a basic requirement for survival in a high-tech environment. Being close to the market right from the start is a must for a manufacturer of complete I.D.-scarfing systems. That is why intensive cooperation with the customer is the focal point of innovation marketing. The management of Ernst Blissenbach GmbH subjects every new idea to a myriad of tests before it is allowed to conquer the market as the next innovation - and it always does so with great success.

This company from Remscheid is the international leader when it comes to providing process solutions for "Tube I.D.-scarfing systems of premium quality for the removal of the weld bead in high-frequency, longitudinally welded tubes“ – even if the average consumer has no idea, how valuable that is for him. Each and every one of us, indirectly and without realizing it, comes face to face with the technology of Ernst Blissenbach GmbH. A car for example can contain 80 meters or more of tubes that had their inside welding bead removed by premium tools supplied by eb – which constitutes a major precondition for the further processing of the tubes. That gives consumers like us the all-important and reassuring “good feeling”.

Market Proximity Through Exchange of Information
In order to keep its world-wide leadership position and to be able to offer tailor-made solutions the development department has been moved to the center of the company. Customer-facing areas like Service and Support are engaged in a constant exchange with the engineers. What is really special about this model is the fact that any of the employees can initiate a new project. Consistent proximity to the market is the goal of this cooperation. It is not surprising that Ernst Blissenbach, the founder and owner of the company, spends three quarters of his time on innovations.